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Knot & Bow

Knot & Bow book is a two book series functioning as a beginner’s guide to the sports climbing and sailing. Each book explains to the reader how to tie several situational knots and teaches various techniques relevant to the sport.

The dimensions of each book was dictated by a typography project’s criteria. I chose the smaller of the two to be the climbing primer, since when a climber is on a trek they have less room and would need to be able to store the book in a pack.

As well as teaching the reader useful knots the climbing primer delineates a short list of gear for the beginning climber, and what the equipment is used for. Towards the end of the book it suggests several famous climbing locations as well as the cost of different expeditions that will take you there.

The larger book of the books is the sailing primer. It details sailing terminology and several knots including, the carrick bend, and the figure-eight stopper knot. Since the book was designed for novice sailors, it also includes a list of maritime tips as dictated by the U.S. Sailing Association.