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Media Diet

The first exercise of my twenty16–17 school year: reviewing my media diet. To better understand how I relate to publications I decided to create a timeline of every magazine I have ever been subscribed to. My diet is mainly junk food right now— it's entertainment heavy and pseudo-intellectual, but I started out my publication life well. Highlights, which I "read" when I was six, was the first. I hope every millennial has a memory featuring Highlights.

Today I am subscribed to three publications— The New Yorker, Poetry Magazine, and Time, but I regularly read The Atlantic, and New York Times Magazine too. I use my parents' subscriptions, just like I do with HBO. I also somehow still get a skateboarding magazine that I stopped paying for almost seven years ago.

It was amusing (embarrassing) to remember who I was when I devoted money to these interests. I totally forgot I was at one point subscribed to three anime mags at the same time.

Magazines can really tell you a lot about a person, and I'm excited to add to the conversation as I learn to design my own.