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A Little Bit of Summer is What the Whole Year is All About


Summer 2015 is sailing by. I've always known vacations pass unreasonably quickly, but now that I'm a quarter of a century old I wish there was a way to slow moments down, or else predetermine the most significant ones so I could spend the most energy on them.

Most of my summer was spent at a Philadelphia based advertising firm, working 9-5. The way real adults do. It was real world experience that can't be earned anywhere else. Contrary to other internships I've had, we were kept busy and given some demanding work. I can't do anything half-assed, and some nights I stayed at the office until 9pm. Even with the stressful weeks surrounding our company-wide intern presentation, I wouldn't have changed the experience one bit.

My internship isn't what I planned on writing about today. Although it's important for my future, what I learned last week in the Outer Banks is more relevant to my life as I prepare to start my next and most-demanding semester at MICA. 

First. I learned that North Carolina, with its refined southern aura and pampas beach grass, constantly reminds me of a Nicholas Sparks novel. It's easy to fall in love with this place.

Second. Relaxing and maintaining work/life balance is more important than I originally thought. I get wound up in my work easily, and say I'll relax when everything is done. My to-do list is never 100% done, so with that way of thinking I spend the day chained to my desk barely eating, blinking or moving. No more.

Third. A little bit of summer is what the whole year is all about. I've got two full weeks to prepare and get myself ready for the new school year. My summer was productive both personally and professionally. Let's finish it up right.