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Beginnings of Summer

It took me several years of adulthood to really start appreciating the various events and activities that surround my hometown of Philadelphia, PA. Only in recent summers did my friends and I seek out new restaurants and bars to haunt, while participating in as many 5ks, and going to as many sporting events and concerts as possible. We became experience junkies, even if all those experiences were tri-state area specific.

Generally I feel rather timid when moving to a new area. I expected it to take me another year or so to become familiar with regular Baltimore events held around the city, but thanks to a few classmates, that doesn't seem to be the case. Now that schoolwork is all but finished for the next few months we are becoming as much a part of Baltimore as Baltimore is becoming part of us.

The next two years I will focus on design and discipline and becoming a better version of myself, but it doesn't hurt to, once in a while, experience the inexhaustible variety of life.

Miles Holenstein