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Art in Translation

There are dozens of distinct design fields, all with at least one thing in common—they are meant to form connections. Whether a designer is industrial, social, or graphic, their task is to make connections between materials, disciplines and people. But while other professions also concern themselves with connections, design differs in that it attempts to create beautiful connections while connecting beautifully.

Unlike other professionals, designers are acutely aware that the way material is presented is as impactful as the information itself. Good design can elicit action, concern, joy or contempt. As a writer and designer I am working towards that for my portfolio. Good design, like good writing is purposeful. Writing and design are similar in those regards. Specific, purposeful decisions make good design. And good design is simply more credible to an audience. 

For me, writing and graphic design started from an impulse to create, and currently there are great opportunities for creators in design fields. The boundaries defining the traditional role of a graphic designer have been blurred. Designers are now artists, authors, editors, and researchers. If I’m given this opportunity I’d like to work as a writer/creative director one day. I intend to be one of the designers continuing to blur those lines in an effort to make something beautiful while connecting people and information. 

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