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Charm City Kitchen Library

Charm City Kitchen Library is a library that rents out kitchen appliances to members of the Baltimore community. All students and apartment dwellers know how difficult it is to afford and/or accommodate kitchen appliances. With this library, which will open late 2015, we hope to inspire and empower individuals in the kitchen and in life.

The exhibition for Charm City Kitchen Library served as the library’s launch. We signed up over one hundred people who were interested in learning about the sharing economy and eager to participate in CCKL. My partner, Louisa Liu, and I created the identity for the kitchen as well as a working brand guide and the forms that will be used to register members.

Luckily both Louisa and I are staying in Baltimore for at least the next two years to see CCKL become a reality. Currently we are applying for grants, and looking for space to house the appliances. We think we found one in Baltimore’s Food Hub, which has a campus in east Baltimore and offers entrepreneurs resources to grow their mission. Along with BFH’s help and other local organizations we hope to build CCKL so everyone can take advantage of Baltimore’s rich food resources.