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Bear Box


Bear Box is a backpacking food concept-company created to bring focus to the most important part of any food packaging: the nutrition table.

Currently, food packaging's nutritional facts are type heavy and abstruse, and are rarely helpful when walking down a grocery store aisle let alone in a survival situation. For Bear Box's packaging I redesigned the nutrition table, with the help of a dietitian, making the information more concrete for those who need a certain number of calories when on the trail.


Calories, along with carbs, protein, and fat are the most important nutrients to those expending a lot of calories per day. That information was moved to the top of the table, and a daily value percentage bar was added to help users visualize the content better. I also redesigned the cooking instructions, making them into graphics and allowing them to be more intuitive.

This project was also featured on The Dieline. Check out the article here: Dieline- Concepts We Wish Were Real